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Aphex Twin Curates WHP19: Lee Gamble, Kyoka, Zuli, Nina Kraviz, Rian Treanor, SOS Gunver Ryberg

On Friday 20th September, Aphex Twin will present one of his much sought-after live performances at the inaugural event at The Warehouse Project’s new 10,000 capacity venue in Manchester, promising to teleport the dance floor into one of the many outlandish dimensions he claims dominion upon.

Over the past 30 years, Richard D. James has pushed his unique strain of music into uncharted territories, mapping a world of his own far away from the usual norms and standards.

For this one-off showcase, Aphex Twin has invited a hand picked selection of international innovators and shapeshifters to join him at The Depot including; Nina Kraviz, Lee Gamble, Rian Treanor, Zuli, Aleksi Perälä, Kyoka, SOS Gunver Ryberg, Renick Bell, Acre, Szare, Croww and 33EMYBW – who will present her first ever performance in Europe.

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