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Intonal Festival 2018

After three years of experiments and learning spent polishing bold and boundless lineups, 2018 marked the fourth edition of Intonal and with it, further confirmed the Swedish festival as a much needed beacon of light for the Nordic experimental music scene. Inverted Audio editor-in-chief Tom Durston shares his personal experience of his time spent at Intonal.

Waking Life 2017: A Rebirth Of Consciousness

Small-scale festivals usually focus on proportionate lineups, trying to offer a homogeneic musical journey, but Waking Life’s approach felt different, scattering 70+ acts across three dance floors. The overall Waking Life experience was one of constant discovery and wonder.

Fennesz: Becs

Becs is perhaps the most widescreen and melodic of Fennesz’s albums so far. His approach has spawned an awful lot of imitators over the past few years, a sphere of influence that sometimes seems unacknowledged. With Becs he reminds us just how distinct his music is.