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Bastian Benjamin unveils second single from forthcoming album

Dutch producer Bastian Benjamin prepares to release his forthcoming album on Amsterdam-based imprint Who’s Susan.

Faux Pas’ delivers a spectrum of tracks, effortlessly blending delirious braindance, post-industrial dubstep and dark ambient. Inspired by cinematic soundtracks, trip-hop lullabies and neoclassical symphonies, Benjamin delivers a knotty motion picture experience from the shores of the Ijssel river.

Below is the title track ‘Faux Pas‘, which sounds like a ballad beaming in from another solar system, replete with semi-acid arpeggios, infectious breaks of decadence and synthesised echoes from outlandish locations. Suited for IDM devotees, this work is both puzzling and enthralling.

‘Faux Pas’ is scheduled for release on the 31st May via Who’s Susan. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Mirage
2. Evaporate
3. Mycelium
4. Faux Pas
5. Glistening feat. Lotte Pen
6. Swap
7. Armistice
8. Yearning
9. Stranger Than Fiction
10. Elixir
11. Epiphany

Bastian Benjamin Elixir 1