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Premiere: Cuddling Monsters – Analog Dreams

Following up the release of ‘The Architecture Of The Mind‘ from ZentaSkai last year, Berlin-based vinyl only imprint MASK line up their next extended player from Cuddling Monsters – a new collaboration project between ZentaSkai and Laura Merino Allue.

Spanning four tracks, Cuddling Monsters dive deep into Michigan-infused house grooves, dub techno and minimal soundscapes. Our pick from the release is ‘Analog Dreams‘ – thanks to its Detroit House signature, reminiscent of the legendary Rick Wilhite. In this post-industrial utopia, rusty hi-hats, sub bass kicks and synthesized echoes of hope transport listeners to a world of mindless fantasies filled with long-forgotten hardware.

‘Cuddling Monsters_CM Vol. 01’ EP is scheduled for release on 29th March via MASK. Order a vinyl copy from Juno.


1. Lucky Star
2. Crystal Growing
3. Floating Tank
4. Analog Dreams