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Ben Bondy + Exael drop ‘Aphelion Lash’ on West Mineral Ltd.

Following up on a similarly low-key reveal for Serwed’s bonkers IDM workout, West Mineral Ltd. unleashed another corker last week in Aphelion Lash, a collaborative 8-track LP between latest signing, Ben Bondy, and hot-right-now West Mineral patron Exael, producer of 2018’s blinding “collex” album and one-third of Ghostride The Drift. The album is comprised of original material and collaborations from both artists.

Continuing the tradition of unsymmetrical and amorphic electronics, Ben Bondy + Exael have created a luscious, rich and dynamic micro-climate of twisted and contorted arpeggiated synths and pads against a murky backdrop of dilapidated jungle and hip hop, gloomy odes to nature and glitching ambience.

The pair have created a naturally occurring electronic biosphere with standout tracks like ‘Aphelion Lash’, ‘Meridian’ and ‘Six Steppa’. The material vacillates between ultra-dense harmonies to vacuous emptiness from one bar to the next and the undulating rhythm of their “biotech” powered productions constantly reform and reshape under pressure from dehydrated cuts and scratches.

‘Aphelion Lash’ LP comes in a limited run of 300 with artwork by Johann Mun and as with other West Mineral Ltd. releases its available to buy through Boomkat. Be quick though as this one will sell out or purchase the digital album via Bandcamp.


1. Ben Bondy – Suelti
2. Exael – Papillon
3. Ben Bondy – Meridian
4. Ben Bondy & Exael – Aphelion Lash
5. Exael – Goldo
6. Ben Bondy – Spoke Through My Legs
7. Ben Bondy – Pilli
8.  Ben Bondy & Exael – Six Steppa