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Bibio lines up Phantom Brickworks IV & V and 52 page photo-book of his photographic work

It has been a year since Bibio released his deeply pensive and emotive album “Phantom Brickworks” via Warp Records. As some of you will know Bibio has also released a series of alluring music videos that transport you into otherworldly environments found within the English and Welsh countryside.

His self-shot music video “Capel Celyn“, released in December 2017, captured the magic of an abandoned Welsh mining town alongside ghostly echoes and dreamlike textures. Combine this with his uploads to Instagram, it is clear that Stephen Wilkinson has quite the penchant for photography and Leica cameras.

Scheduled for release 9th November, Bibio has a limited edition extended player consisting of two brand new excursions into the Phantom Brickworks universe accompanied by a square 52-page photo-book. Additionally Warp have communicated that we can expect new music from Bibio in 2019.

Limited to just 200 copies, the special edition vinyl and photo-book are only available to purchase via Bibio’s Bleep Store. A standard black vinyl version and digital are also available.


1. Phantom Brickworks IV
2. Phantom Brickworks V

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