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Blawan debut album ‘Wet Will Always Dry’ to land on Ternesc this summer

After near a decade of intensive club-dedicated 12″ offerings, UK techno don Jamie Roberts aka Blawan just announced the forthcoming drop of his eagerly-awaited debut full-length, ‘Wet Will Always Dry‘, due out via his own imprint Ternesc on 18th June.

Fruit of all these years spent gracing some of the most demanding crowds and audiences with his wild melanges of stomping 4/4 rhythms, mind-altering modular hoodoo and hypnotic acid motifs, the album is said to lay “everything out on the table and showcases all of the different motifs that have so far earned Blawan his reputation, while also introducing completely new elements“.

By Roberts’ own admission, last year’s eclectic ‘Nutrition‘ EP for Ternesc represented a significant breakthrough in this area, and provided the “green light” for a more ambitious and colorful full LP set on Ternesc. Ranging from ecstatic to hair-raising, it’s a proper harsh techno storm that builds up.

Wet Will Always Dry is released via Ternesc on 18th June.


A1/1. Klade
A2/2. Careless
B1/3. Tasser
B2/4. Vented
C1/5. North
C2/6. Stell
D1/7. Kalosi
D2/8. Nims

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