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Arcola announce ‘The Dark Orchestra’ EP from NON Worldwide co-founder Nkisi

Hot on the heels of their latest 12″ from 2814, recently-revived Warp sub-label Arcola have announced their third release of 2018. ‘The Dark Orchestra’ EP is a four-track “cartridge of blistering hardstep gabba/techno” from Belgian-Congolese DJ, producer, and multimedia artist Nkisi.

Better known as the co-founder of experimentalist collective NON Worldwide alongside Virginia’s Chino Amobi and Cape Town’s Angel-Ho, Nkisi released the ‘Kill‘ EP last year through MW, a stunningly chaotic club experiment that marked her debut physical release.

Her latest 12″ is said to “act as a pinnacle high point for Nkisi’s unique brand of hardcore, skilfully mixing the sounds of her devastating live sets and monthly DJ slot on NTS into four deadly dynamics that transport central and west African club sounds into a prism influence of Belgium gabber. The Dark Orchestra is a glass of ice-cold water smashed across a scene that is in much need of a very serious wake-up call.”

“The Dark Orchestra” is out now via Arcola and is limited to 500 units. Listen to clips and order a copy from Bleep.


1. The Dark Orchestra
2. Violent Tendencies
3. G.E.O.
4. Dark Noise

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