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Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble

On Wednesday 4th May 2011 the Brandt Brant Frick Ensemble played an intimate live performance at Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London.

Bush Hall’s rich musical heritage and stuccoed interior proved to be the perfect venue for such a grand performance. The ensemble played tracks from their debut album ‘You Make Me Real’ as an orchestra of ten musicians comprised of strings, brass, woodwind, percussion, wooden box and a Moog analogue keyboard creating acoustic dance music that sounded something between Phillip Glass, Steve Reich and Theo Parrish.

Watch the music video to ‘Bop’ you’ll understand the correlation between the video and their live performance. Just as the video portrays each instrument from it had been carefully positioned on the stage. As soon as they began playing it was as if they had pulled open the bonnet to their car, showing exactly what powered their productions, allowing the audience to open up to their music and embrace the spectacle in front of them.

We caught up with the trio after the performance to capture an exclusive interview (available soon).

Photos by Moco / Elektropastete