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Caldera lines up second album ‘One Last Glimpse’ on Noorden

Following the release of his inaugural album in 2016, Caldera returns to Cologne-based record label Noorden with his second full length effort ‘One Last Glimpse‘.

With his debut ‘Stuck In A Dream Of Being Awake‘ album exploring dub techno and ambient house, the Brighton-based producer focusses his attention next on experimental frequencies, exploring shuffling breakbeat, IDM and sci-fi electronica – as expertly demonstrated on ‘HK‘.

“Presented as a continuous storyline, the album exists in a perpetual cycle of destruction and rebirth that offers a deeper view of the artist’s feelings and perspectives. Rubble-like textures paint a bleak, noisy, and sometimes painful picture that slowly fades away to create warm moments of healing and peace.”

‘One Last Glimpse’ is scheduled for release 21 January via Noorden. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Impact 8
2. Rvz
3. Ghost Management
4. Debris
5. HK
6. Dembie’s Dream
7. One Last Glimpse
8. Plant Memory
9. Moss