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Casino Versus Japan announces ‘Suicide By Sun’ LP – 73 minutes of emotive electric immersion

Casino Versus Japan is the production alias of Milwaukee-based musician Erik Kowalski, a discreet artist who’s been tracing his path away from the limelight. To those not familiar with his sound, Erik’s expansive guitar loops present a unique strand of shimmering electronica made up of blissed-out harmonies, ear candy melodies, swirling downtempo drum patterns, teaming with nostalgic tendencies. If you thought that Boards Of Canada was everything… think again.

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Erik Kowalski’s expansive and expressionistic solo project, Casino Versus Japan. Across the past two decades Erik has explored variously interwoven realms of ambient sound but his latest double LP voyages even deeper into soft-focus abstraction, unspooling 73 minutes of emotive electric immersion.

Suicide By Sun‘ is composed of countless home studio sessions, “slowly sequenced into four sides of narcotic reverberation, reflective loops, and dream-soaked delay. Guitar gestures refract into twilit horizons; hymnal drones swell and shimmer; smeared notes sway like lullabies of quiet communion. This is pensive, patient, personal music, mapped with feeling and finesse by storied hands.”

‘Suicide By Sun’ is scheduled for release 6 July 2018 and is available in digital and a super limited edition LP format. Grab a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Sunset Wake
2. Not Dreaming
3. Frost Nod
4. Deep In Black Night
5. Forgiveness For Grey Eyes
6. Death To The Fictitious Light Cycle
7. The Dive
8. Led Away
9. Evil
10. Waiting
11. Pretty Rare Nowhere
12. Goodbye Sinister Clouds
13. Wave Scam
14. Hope In Color
15. Lazy Girl Loop
16. Metric Disguise
17. Sad Clock
18. Bitter Sensed
19. Slow Fade
20. Autumn Trills
21. Backspacing
22. Marching Into The Blinding Sun

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