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Casino Versus Japan lines up 80-track electronica opus “Frozen Geometry”

After six years of silence US based ambient / electronica wizard Casino Versus Japan has compiled a monumental 80 track double-cassette release named ‘Frozen Geometry‘, scheduled for self-release via Bandcamp on 21st October 2016.

‘Frozen Geometry’ follows four impeccable albums including ‘Go Hawaii‘ and ‘Whole Numbers Play The Basics‘ and from what we have heard so far via Bandcamp Erik’s new album presents his signature blend of expansive guitar loops, lo-fi electronica, blissed out harmonies and pure headphone bliss. Fans of Boards Of Canada take note, this is one to dive head into.

“Frozen Geometry” emerged from years of sketching new textures on guitar, which were layered and looped into immersive capsules of harmony and drift. The original intention was to use them as melodic foundations for future compositions but then he “became aware of them existing on their own.”

Pre-order ‘Frozen Geometry’ now and get 5 tracks, plus the complete album the moment it’s released 21st October 2016.


1. Eggshell Sunny
2. Setting Up The Mad Waves
3. The Lavender Lullabye
4. Swimming, Thawing
5. Curious Daze At Midnight
6. The Ballad Of The Radio Blossom
7. What Is Left
8. A Meddling Fantasy
9. (Were You) A Milky Blue
10. Pink Laced Glaze
11. Autumn By Three
12. Mood Shock
13. Surrender From The Shore
14. Barefoot Belle Of The Sun
15. Winter Light
16. Cottonwood Snow
17. Ice Will
18. Frozen Geometry
19. Ringing The Grey Bells
20. Ashes
21. Point Omen
22. Always Astray
23. Crossing Chimes
24. An Ocean Dark Along A Charcoal Line
25. Theme For A Cloudy Morning
26. Eggshell Sunny (Looking Glass)
27. Nervous Ribbon
28. Tangled In Perfect Fifths
29. Our Wounds
30. Absolute Overlook
31. Cerulean Pool
32. The Burning Frame
33. Bayberry Racket
34. Summer Fugue 01:56
35. Exit Theme
36. The Conspiracy Of Grace 04:12
37. Frail Billowing Black
38. Snowblind
39. Constant Drag
40. In Memory Of Perfect Fifths
41. Over It
42. Nervous
43. Rendezvous At The String Of Pearls
44. Innocent One
45. Gliding About On The Glass
46. Winter Birds
47. Fractured Transmission
48. Downward Overture
49. Polished Void
50. Raized Magnetics
51. Blooming Sails
52. Vanishing Cry Of The Late Minstrel
53. Her Prophets
54. Chroma
55. Troubled Sleep
56. A Web Of Tiny Stillness
57. Disturbed Edges (For Calm Hands)
58. Below Zero
59. Point Drift
60. Pensive Darkness
61. The Whispered Requiem Of The Buried
62. Eye As A Party To All Saints
63. From The Horizon It’s Just A Blink To You
64. Autumn By Infinity
65. Silver Patterned Waves
66. Dirty
67. Mintha
68. To Be Missing
69. Endless Inspection (Of A Drowned, Reflected World)
70. Crumpled And Illuminated
71. Seizing The Indefinite
72. Victoria
73. Betrayal
74. (You Are Never) Over It
75. Score Ultramarine
76. Golden Morning Light
77. Hope
78. There Is No Sound
79. Over The Edge
80. Barely There

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