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DDS reissue Conjoint ‘Earprints’ LP – five-man ensemble headed up by Move D

First on the agenda this year for Demdike Stare’s highly lauded DDS label is a reissue of little-known future jazz outfit Conjoint’s second album ‘Earprints‘.

The five-man group was founded by Move D and was composed of Deep Space Network’s Jonas Grossmann, jazz guitarist Gunter Ruit Kraus, techno artist Jamie Hodge and renowned pianist and vibraphone player Karl Berger, known for his work alongside Ornette Coleman, George Clinton and Don Cherry. Conjoint was a highly collaborative ensemble who developed their minimalist jazz abstractions over the course of three albums, culminating in 2006’s “A Few Empty Chairs“.

Initially released in 2000 via Source Records, “Earprints” was the group’s second release. It’s a 20-track, highly collaborative effort that hovers in the space between future jazz, downtempo, and electronica, drawing comparisons to Jan Jelinek, Tortoise, and Miles Davis. The record has been remastered in preparation for the reissue, and is out now on both double-vinyl and digital formats.

Earprints is out now via DDS in digital and vinyl formats, order a copy via Boomkat.


1. Earprint Nr1
2. Strange Ideas
3. Earprint Nr2
4. Walk On
5. Earprint Nr3
6. Four Nine
7. Earprint Nr4
8. La Pluie Et La Seine
9. Earprint Nr5
10. The Joint
11. New York Mary Disaster
12. Born Under A Rhyming Planet At The Foot Of The Odenwald
13. Earprint Nr 6
14. Bar Rock
15. Earprint Nr7wav
16. Instructions
17. Deductions (Who Can Get Me The Phone Number For Mark Hollis)
18. Earprint Nr8
19. Die Implosion Des Sterns (Und Das Absolute Nichts Danach)
20. No Balls

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