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Deadbeat launches GoFundMe campaign for ‘Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve’ LP

Canadian dub techno producer Deadbeat, real name Scott Montieth, is facilitating crowdfunding website GoFundMe to release his upcoming album ‘Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve’.

In a highly personal and transparent letter on the campaign page, Scott explains why he is having to use GoFundMe to raise €7000 for the album release.

“Due to a combination of changing market forces, time off for the new baby, and (most embarrasingly) personal mismanagement, I now find myself staring down a level of debt which has effectively made it impossible for me to release this new album for which I have devoted nearly a year of my life.”

“Any and all persons who contribute to this campaign will receive a credit in the liner notes of the new album and a copy in the format of their choosing upon release, tickets to a show of their choosing, and my undying gratitude.”

Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve is scheduled for release in March 2018.

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