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Premiere: Bernard Baum – Atoll (Beatless Mix)

Following on from their debut outing, Schuttle’s ‘Home‘, released earlier this year, Paris-via-Peckham based record label Panatype return to round off their first year in the game with a sublime nine-track cassette exploring ambient, downtempo, found sounds and leftfield electronics courtesy of label co-founder Bernard Baum.

A short incursion into ‘After‘ is enough to remark that you’re in for a deeply meditative listening experience. Eight out of the nine tracks here are void of a beat – ‘Atoll‘ and its low slung house-inclined beat being the only track to offer respite from the pensive vibe of Baum’s audio journey. If you’re a fan of albums such as LFO’s ‘Sheath‘ LP, Casino Versus Japan’s ‘Night On Tape‘ LP or dare I say it Aphex Twin ‘Selected Ambient Works Volume II‘ then Bernard Baum’s ‘After‘ is one for you.

Streaming over our channels is the deep-rolling ‘Atoll (Beatless Mix)‘. At 8 minutes in duration it is by far the most extended cut on the album and an ideal fit for all contemplative situations and further daydreams. Much like the abstract artwork that decorates the cassette, the track’s stretched-out pad motifs slowly unfold, riveting and lush, drawing you closer to the heart of its infinite atmosphere of reverberated chords softly as the sun sinks below the ridgeline.

‘After’ is available as a limited edition cassette with two panel fold out artwork designed by Amber Leaman. Download is also available. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Cromis
2. Onra
3. Gully
4. After
5. Atoll
6. Cold Agriculture
7. Comin’ Down In SE5
8. Flyst
9. Atoll (Beatless Mix)

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