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DJ Pitch drops debut album ‘It’s Not What You Said, It’s Because You Spoke’ on Edited Arts

Today, London-based producer and All Centre / TT (fka Tobago Tracks) label boss DJ Pitch releases his first ever album through experimental sound platform Edited Arts.

Consisting of 10-tracks, ‘It’s Not What You Said, It’s Because You Spoke‘ is the result of working tirelessly on his own imprints and soaking up influences over the years from the many artists he has released.

The LP is said to be a “skilful combination of scrapbook club kicks and ASMR ambient interludes” weaving together various elements of bass, contemporary club, dancehall, electronica, gabber, grime, techno and emo rap.

For us, the standout track on the album is ‘I’m Not The Person’ – a playful melodic downtempo roller with pitched vocals from David Byrne. Other track highlights include ‘It’s Because You Spoke‘ and closer ‘Follower Loop (feat emaenuel and Rafael Lubner)‘.

‘It’s Not What You Said, It’s Because You Spoke’ is out now via Edited Arts. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. I Used To
2. Think I Didn’t
3. Know Myself
4. But In Fact
5. I’m Not The Person
6. I Thought I Was
7. It’s Not What You Said
8. It’s Because You Spoke
9. Special Word (feat.Organ Tapes)
10. Follower Loop (feat. emaenuel and Rafael Lubner)