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Premiere: Noria Lilt – ATATM

Swiss label Strecke Records pluck the almost-unreleased Bern-based musician Noria Lilt from relative anonymity and quite rightly thrust her music into the limelight with her debut full-length, ‘The Insiders of the In​-​Between‘.

With only a sparse couple of tracks out in the world to date, Lilt’s music has been, till now, hardly the front of many minds. If there’s any justice, ‘The Insiders of the In​-​Between‘ will put paid to that; the EP consists primarily of reckless adrenaline fuel, a strain of hardcore-dosed sound that leans full-tilt into a kind of dance music that is unshackled from genericism and unburdened by the standards of others.

High tempo and razor sharp, dismantled breaks are scattered across devastating pulses of sub-bass, evoking the finest works of the likes of Christoph de Babalon and Pessimist without falling prey to petty mimicry. Lilt commands three tracks, whilst Atrice and MSJY competently twist two up into original versions of their own.

ATATM‘ (Aquatic Thoughts Around Troubled Minds) should stack up nicely in the estimations of anyone with a pulse who likes it raised a little. Veering from off-centre breaks into a darkened hole of stomping 4/4, Lilt successfully marries one hemisphere of early jungle with the most cathartic aspects of hard techno, all whilst displaying a deft hand and a busy mindset — this is not a producer asleep at the wheel, copy/pasting her tracks, but a shrewd and merciless crafter of dancefloor weaponry. Ignore at your own peril.

‘The Insiders of the In​-​Between’ is scheduled for release July 14 via Strecke Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. TRC – The Rave Call
2. ATATM – Aquatic Thoughts Around Troubled Minds
3. FEEB – Final Exams Empty Brain
4. FEEB (Atrice Remix)
5. ATATM (MSJY Remix)