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DJ Seinfeld announces second album ‘Mirrors’ on Ninja Tune

Malmö-based producer DJ Seinfeld has announced the release of his forthcoming album, landing in September via Ninja Tune.

Mirrors‘ follows up his debut album ‘Time Spent Away From U’ released four years ago via Lobster Fury. Now he steps up to present 10 tracks spanning his trademark lo-fi house signature working in strains of italo and disco.

Named after a quote by the Swedish producers favourite writer, Argentinean novelist Julio Cortázar, “the album finds the producer in a more settled and grounded mood after an unfortunate family incident forced the producer to spend more time at home in his native Sweden over the past few years.”

‘Mirrors’ is scheduled for release 3 September via Ninja Tune.

Photo by Kasia Zacharko


1. She Loves Me
2. Walking With Ur Smile
3. U Already Know
4. The Right Place (feat. Teira)
5. Home Calling
6. These Things Will Come To Be
7. Tell Me One More Time
8. Someday
9. I Feel Better
10. Song For The Lonely