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Dmytro Nikolaienko unearths tape-loop archive for Faitiche

Estonia-based sound archivist Dmytro Nikolaienko has announced the release of his fourth album in April via Jan Jelinek’s hyper-experimental record label Faitiche.

Consisting of eleven blurred, repetitive and rhythmic patterns, ‘Rings‘ opens up a treasure trove of tape-loops, resulting in “a collection of dreamy glittering gems, masterfully presented using the compositional possibilities of analogue tape machines.”

Some may consider a tape machine to be limited as a musical instrument, but Rings makes a convincing case with its sure-handed use of the available parameters – moving tape over the tape head mechanically and manually, cutting loops, manipulating timbre and creating noise by means of saturation.

‘Rings’ is scheduled for release 16 April via Faitiche. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ambianta IV
2. Ambianta V
3. Uomo Di Mondo
4. Mirrorage
5. Waves Build Beach
6. Hidden Track
7. Ambianta I
8. Two Rings
9. Ambianta III
10. Well-Degraded
11. Ambianta II