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Dwig rounds off album trilogy with an intimate playlist of 8mm films

Dwig has shared a playlist compiling nine music videos edited by the producer to create “a collection of left behind diary pages to be found by someone in another future time, this is the whole 8mm film album merging my LP trilogy. ”

Having released his debut album on Giegling in 2013, Ludwig Völker self-issued his next three albums. ‘From Here To There‘ arrived in the summer of 2015, a remarkable deep house LP, drawing in accents of jazz and hip-hop while blending acoustic and synthetic instruments with an elegant and deliberate touch. ‘What’s Paradise‘ LP arrived next in 2017 and ‘Music For XXX‘ LP completed the trilogy in 2019.

It is not known how the artist stumbled across these 8mm films, but Völker’s approach to editing, weaving and layering them together provides a visual tapestry of dusty footage of times forgotten, resulting in an intimate series of music videos to accompany Dwig’s blissful productions.