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Natureboy Flako announces third album ‘Ambitus Of Beauty’

Berlin-based experimental producer Natureboy Flako, real name Dario Rojo Guerra, has announced the release of his third album ‘Ambitus Of Beauty‘.

Following the release of ‘Theme For A Dream‘ LP in 2018, which explored “the balance of musical energies and music’s healing capabilities” – his third full-length invites listeners on a journey through various magical moments, scenes and soundscapes, or in his own words “the album is offering a mind travel to focus and re-calibrate.”

Ahead of its release, Natureboy Flako has released a stunning music video for one of our favourite tracks from the album ‘Silver Forest Spirits‘.

‘Ambitus Of Beauty’ is scheduled for release in vinyl and digital formats on 15 May via Materialzed Moments. Order a copy here.


1. Ode To Piotr Kamler
2. Amanecer
3. Elegancia Transparente
4. Aura Inocente
5. Crystals
6. Memory Images
7. Unspoiled
8. Continued Dream
9. Towards The Sun
10. Roundelay
11. Silver Forest Spirits
12. Synthfonie
13. Blue Synthasy
14. Mantra Para Nunu
15. Contemplation
16. Susurro