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Earthen Sea lines up ‘Ghost Poems’ on Kranky

Following releases on Lovers Rock, Silent Season, Other People, Imminent Frequencies and Huinali Recordings, American musician Earthen Sea lines up his third outing for Kranky in March.

Renowned for having “a knack for texture that creates a disorienting, lost-in-your head sensation” – over the years Jacob Long has ventured through deep ambient and classic Detroit-ish dub techno. However, his latest album sees him explore more pensive material, all composed during the initial wave of lockdowns in New York City.

“The pieces took shape patiently from samples of piano, texture, and domestic sounds (sink splashing, room tone, clinking objects), filtered through live FX to imbue them with an intuitive, immaterial feel. Wisps of melody splinter, shimmer, and refract, like light on water; pulses accrue and dissipate, as if mapping shifting sands. Throughout, there’s a sense of matter made animate, of absences felt.”

Ghost Poems‘ is a deeply reflective body of ambient music that is best suited for “night skies in hollowed out cities, for views across rivers towards unknown shores: restless, placeless, and profound.” Highlights include ‘Felt Absence‘, ‘Snowy Water‘ and ‘Deep Sky‘.

‘Ghost Poems’ is scheduled for release 18 March via Kranky. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Shiny Nowhere
2. Stolen Time
3. Felt Absence
4. Oblique Ruins
5. Snowy Water
6. Rough Air
7. Slate Horizon
8. Ochre Sky
9. Fossil Painting
10. Deep Sky