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Premiere: DJ Paprika – Impeccable (ft. Paula White)

disko404, a party collective and record label from Graz, Austria, enlist the mysterious DJ Paprika for a  two-track colour 7-inch of over-saturated fun and playful electronics.

Fun and games seem to be the disko404 way — during the 2020 lockdown in Graz, they enlisted a graphic designer to design posters for an imaginary party and plastered them across the city. Certainly on the musical side of things, Paprika pours in extra helpings of tongue-in-cheek humour for the record, with ‘Invincible‘ on the A side consisting of a remix of a well-known jingle gamers will recognise from picking up a little star.

Impeccable (ft. Paula White)‘ runs on the B-side, with chopped vocal nonsense ripped from a viral vid of particularly enthusiastic ecclesiastical Trump supporter — no worries, kids, there’s no fascism included — dotting the throwback 90’s rave beat. It’s really unusual to find yourself bouncing along to the refixed source material, but the beat is inescapable, and the track a big serving of fun in an often stale and serious musical landscape.

‘Invincible / Impeccable’ is scheduled for release 2 February via disko404. Order a copy from Bandcamp. 


1. Invincible
2. Impeccable (ft Paula White)