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Edward lines up ‘Turning’ LP on Giegling

Edward will release his fourth album ‘Turning‘ through Giegling in March.

Having previously released two dance-floor orientated extended players in 2019 – ‘Hooked On Magic‘ EP and ‘Lost In Paradise‘ EP – the German producer now turns his attention to more ambient, experimental and leftfield tropes.

Consisting of sixteen tracks, ‘Turning‘ sounds more akin to the sun-bleached and nostalgic output to Boards of Canada than what we usually assimilate from Gilles Aiken. For those yearning for the beat, fast forward to ‘Vey‘.

‘Turning’ LP is scheduled for release 21 March. Listen to clips and order a copy from Giegling


A1. Andur
A2. Trens
A3. Druins
A4. Blesser
A5. Spell
A6. Indouglast
A7. Blust I
A8. Blust II
B1. Paqarin
B2. Bloomer
B3. Bloon
B4. Saag
B5. Droume
B6. Lokshul
B7. Vey
B8. Lift