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Efdemin signs to Ostgut Ton to release ‘New Atlantis’ LP

Berlin-based producer and Dial affiliate Efdemin has signed to Ostgut Ton to release his fourth full length named ‘New Atlantis’, scheduled for release in February 2019.

Following three exquisite albums on Dial, his new eight-track album is the natural result of his extensive residency at Berghain. Lifted from the press release “New Atlantis oscillates between fast, kaleidoscopic techno, multilayered drones and acoustic instrumentation, fusing for the first time Sollmann’s deep dancefloor productions as Efdemin with his sound art and experimental music projects.”

For those of you that are fans of all things Efdemin, we strongly suggest reading our in-depth studio feature with Efdemin, first published in May 2018. This was also when we first learnt of the new album project, so it is great to finally hear what Phillip has been working on. Spoiler alert…’New Atlantis‘ is fucking fantastic.

‘New Atlantis’ is scheduled for release via Ostgut Ton on 15th February 2018.


A1. Oh, Lovely Appearance Of Death
A2. Good Winds
B. New Atlantis
C1. At The Stranger’s House
C2. A Land Unknown
C3. Temple
D1. Black Sun
D2. The Sound House

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