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Bolt Ruin returns Infinite Machine to blackened sonics with ‘Ehkta’

Diversity has always been a badge of Mexico City’s Infinite Machine label, and Belgian producer Bolt Ruin is next up to the slate with ‘Ehkta’, a mini-LP of six tracks coarsely hewn from coal-like matter that brings the label one release shy of their 100th official release.

2022 has been a somewhat slower year for the label’s usually packed release schedule, with just 4 outings so far, but the label have not (and have never) scrimped on the quality. Fresh after Forces’ challenging but exhilarating long player, Infinite Machine lean back into the realm of gritty and darkly evocative sounds with Bolt Ruin’s upcoming release.

Blending subtly purposed field recordings with precisely forged sonics, of a darkened spirit and character, Bolt Ruin’s music on ‘Ehkta‘ is a chaotic and unlimited venture into the artist’s audio identity. From the grandiose and nihilistic echoes of depressed chamber music to eviscerating modern club sound design, Bolt Ruin hurls a thorned gauntlet to the ground in challenge to the emotionally vacant, the conceptually barren, and anything empty of genuine artistry.

‘Ehkta’ is scheduled for release 30 September via Infinite Machine. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Sktone
2. Nehng
3. Tzarhk
4. Rfohmdra
5. Maevr
6. Ekztamnh