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Experimental Russian producer Kate NV lines up solo album for RVNG Intl.

Experimental electronic artist Kate NV has announced the release of a new album, scheduled for release 22nd June 2018 via RVNG Intl. Alternately a “guitar-wielding, post-punker and one within the multitude of Moscow Scratch Orchestra’s avant-garde”, Kate NV writes solo music that’s playfully experimental, replete with “subtle arpeggiations, conversational voice synthesis, and anthropomorphic MIDI.”

‘для FOR is said to be a collection of ten symmetrical pieces in which each sound assumes its own personality, moving through the album metropolis like miniature, mutating molecules viewed from NV’s apartment window. It’s both a progression and a sidestep from her previous record, Binasu, abandoning the use of vocals whilst moving away from conventional pop structures and towards something more abstract and freeform.

A short online film series by Shura Kulak will accompany the release of для FOR. In her live performances around the album, Kate NV will play each song from memory, allowing for variation and improvisation, whilst scenes from the films are re-created and improvised in the moment. Watch the video for “дуб OAK” below.

Kate NV’s для FOR will be available from RVNG Intl. on June 22, 2018 in vinyl and digital forms. An exclusive CD version will be released in Japan on June 15 to celebrate Kate’s summer tour there.


2. двA TWO
3. дуб OAK
4. как HOW
5. вас YOU
6. раз ONE
7. жук BUG
8. зря SEE
9. пес DOG
10. кто WHO

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