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Oneohtrix Point Never unveils new album ‘Age Of’

Musician, composer, and Mercury Prize-nominated producer Oneohtrix Point Never has announced the release of a new album, scheduled for release 1st June 2018 via Warp Records.

Age Of’ LP is said to be Daniel Lopatin’s “most cohesive and richly composed work to date”, inspired by a typically complex web of influences that encompasses early music, country and folk balladry, melodic pop, computer music and much more.

In addition, Lopatin has announced the premiere of a specially developed live show. Billed as a “concertscape” that features his first full live touring ensemble, “MYRIAD” examines “disorienting forms at the intersection of theatre, installation art and musical performance”, while exploring “film and television tropes, abstract sculpture, game ephemera, poetry, apocryphal histories, internet esoterica, and philosophies of being.” (That’s a lot to fit in to one evening.)

The show’s New York premiere will take place in May, with an additional date at London’s Barbican just announced. ‘Age Of‘ follows on from Lopatin’s 2015 record ‘Garden of Delete‘, and his recent soundtrack for neo-noir thriller Good Time. Watch the trailer for MYRIAD below, featuring title track and album opener ‘Age Of‘.

“Age Of” is due for release June 1 via Warp Records. You can pre-order a copy of the album hereTickets are available for MYRIAD at the Barbican  from 10am on Friday 6th April.


1. Age Of
2. Babylon
3. Manifold
4. The Station
5. Toys 2
6. Black Snow
7. myriad.industries
8. Warning
9. We’ll Take It
10. Same
11. RayCats
12. Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen
13. Last Known Image of a Song

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