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Farr Festival x Inverted Audio: Into The Woods with Alec Falconer

Alec Falconer is one of the three founders of Nixwax, a London-based vinyl imprint that is in its fifth year of operation. Nixwax regularly hosts parties at Dalston’s basement venue Dance Tunnel with recent guests including Tommy Vicari Jnr, Meat and John Dimas. Alec’s club focussed vinyl mix for Farr Festival x Inverted Audio features an array of house music from Kettenkarussell, Baby Ford, Mr G, Traumprinz, Roman Flügel and many others.

When I was first asked to do this mix I wanted to pull together a whole bunch of unsigned music that I had been collecting towards the end of last year but technology has conspired against me. As ever, the only reliable pieces of kit in my studio was my 1210s and the Allen & Heath mixer.

It is fair to say that I buy a lot of records so I pulled together a big selection that fitted the right sound and just played them through over a couple of evenings after work. The hour that you hear is taken from a longer recording hence the fade in and fade out. I prefer podcasts that feel like you are walking into a club for an hour during the night, rather a prepared hour of music with a start and finish – in my opinion, it’s a bit more natural.


1. Kettenkarussell – Generation Gage [Giegling]
2. OdD Music – Accompong (Revox B77 3.75 lps Mix) [Urgent]
3. S.A.M – Bahia [Oscillat]
4. Pit Spector & Ben Vedren – Trek [Prospectors]
5. Piticu – Microphonia [Unanim]
6. Sounds & Sequences – Rotation [Sounds & Sequences]
7. Baby Ford – Gravy Train [Perlon]
8. Ion Ludwig – Polarized Colors [Lick My Deck]
9. Mr G – Mango & Rum (Daze Maxim Remix) [Toi Toi Musik]
10. Traumprinz – Big Baby Jesus [Kann Records]
11. Ion Ludwig – After Ysle [U Gold Series]
12. Roman Flügel – Brian Le Bon [Live at the Robert Johnson]

Discover more about Alec Falconer and Nixwax on Inverted Audio.