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Mixtape: 45 ACP

With just a few days to go before our audiovisual rave at Bussey Building we caught up with our main guest 45 ACP and asked him to select five tracks of his choice. In the interview below the Paris based producer lifts the veil on his forthcoming 2016 release schedule and talks about set preparation and his sound and visual setup.

You can stream the mixtape below or directly play it through the Playmoss app. We’ve also included a new moving image film made for our party with 45 ACP, by London based visual artist Rebecca Salvadori. More info on that here.

"It’s about melancholic themes and textured drum machines."

45ACP-Julien Lienard

Photo by Julien Lienard

We’re bringing you to London on Friday 5th February to headline our audiovisual rave at Bussey Building in Peckham. This is your first time performing as 45 ACP in London. Tell us about how you’re preparing for the show?

Thanks for the invitation. I’m really stoked to play at this function. It’s always fun for me to play as 45 ACP because I can explore my techno side.

I recently bought a lot of records during my last trip to Berlin so it’s going be a good opportunity to try them out. Also I’m surely going to visit my dear friend Gwen Jamois (Iueke) to prepare my set, he always got some crazy records to sell.

What’s the difference between the music you make as 45 ACP and as D.K. – What defines each alias?

I think that my inspiration is quite the same in the two project, but there is a clear difference in terms of sound.

My music as D.K. is made with dreamy pads, colourful melodies and slow beats. As 45 ACP it’s about melancholic themes and textured drum machines.

"It’s about melancholic themes and textured drum machines."


Whilst you’re playing we’ll be illuminating the crowd with visuals courtesy of Matilda Skelton Mace’s light sculptures. What’s your opinion on visuals in clubs and their role in connecting people to the music? 

For me it’s not essential to systematically have visuals in clubs. A good sound system is the key to connect people to the music. But when both can be accomplished in a great venue, it can definitely bring a party to the next level.

You last played in London back in 2015 for an Antinote label night at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington as D.K. – It’s a much smaller club than Bussey Building. (we used to do parties there!) From what you remember how did that night go down?  

Yeah we were inivited by the Left Alone crew with Zaltan and it was sick. I really like small clubs because you can feel the connection with the crowd and play unusual sets. I’m going to play again at the Waiting Room in a few month, so I’m pretty excited.

Looking ahead after your show with us in London what else do you have planned for 2016, any new music for us to look forward to?

My new LP as D.K. is gonna come out in March on Anitnote, I’ve got 2 EPs on the way with Ron Morelli, a track on a V.A for my friends of PRR ! PRR ! label and also some collaborations in the making.

45 ACP Mixtape

Take us trough each track you’ve selected for the playlist and tell us why you chose them and what you like about them?

  • Compuma meets Haku / The Reconstruction of “Na Mele A Ka Haku” MV

I like the fact that this track is full of tension, there’s some unexpected breaks all the time, some crazy bleeps and the beat is just perfect.

  • Bola – Triangle Cake

I particularly like this one because of its mix between a completely destructured rhythm and melancholic pads.

  • Neil Landstrumm – Bell. Huey

Actually the title of this track is “Energy Flesh”. I think that I played a Neil Landstrumm track on each of my last 45 ACP sets haha. I’m really into what the Tresor Label released in the 90’s.

  • DJ Sotofett Meets Abu Sayah – “Houran (DJ Sotofett’s Percussion Mix)”

Dj Sotofett is one of my favourite contemporary artists. This track is a perfect balance between African ritual and dance music.

  • Detroit In Effect – Never Ending Beat

D.I.E is the shit !

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45 ACP (DJ)


inverted Audio x 45 ACP Bussey Building Poster


Second Floor – Bussey Building
133 Rye Lane

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