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Rebecca Salvadori – 45 ACP

Sticking to what we love to do, we commissioned London based visual artist Rebecca Salvadori to create this stunning video artwork to promote Inverted Audio’s audiovisual rave on
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Mixtape: 45 ACP

With just a few days to go before our audiovisual rave at Bussey Building we caught up with our main guest 45 ACP and asked him to select five tracks of his choice.

Best Albums of 2015

From hallucinogenic ambient techno to jazz-infused electronic and bold lo-fi house groovers onto unearthly deep-house gems, these are our favourite albums of 2015.

Best Tracks of 2015

It’s this time of the year again: Best of lists are back! You hate them, right? Well, don’t be such a grinch. This best tracks list’s only purpose is to dispense a tiny dose of what’s been, once again, a brilliant year for musical creation, with plenty more than just dozens of top-notch EPs and albums.

45 ACP: Turn On The Night

45 ACP offers an audio wilderness full of nostalgia-charged bells and retro synth streamers, smooth sliding in between loose house motifs and a more organic techno lifeblood.

D.K. | 45 ACP

L.I.E.S. affiliate D.K. aka 45 ACP serves up a chill and suave mix full of exotica-laced, ’80s-inflected grooves, Afro beat percussions and smooth synth melodies.

45 ACP: Change Of Tone

“Change Of Tone” is one of those pieces where mere words cannot capture how well constructed it is. So consider this haphazard arrangement of basic English vocabulary to be the waving of a flare;”Change Of Tone” is really rather good and most certainly not for sleeping on.