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45 ACP: Turn On The Night

Be it as 45 ACP or under his D.K. guise, it feels the French producer is striking a different chord with each release time and again, displaying his groove science on diverse levels of floor-functionality with equal comfort. From static-filled chicagoan ambiences to lavish synthesized accents onto more ragged 4/4 tremors, 45 ACP offers an audio wilderness full of nostalgia-charged bells and retro synth streamers, smooth sliding in between loose house motifs and a more organic techno lifeblood.

Missing Watch‘ breaks the EP in with an infectious afro-tropical groove, the main melody pouring its bumpy marimba arpeggios in all softness, first underscored and then engulfed by all-consuming, bulbous bass reliefs. Sniping a hail of clipped rimshots, hats on burst-mode and unstrung claps, the Parisian producer takes his track from uplifting sound realms down to filthy nightly territories in a flash, zoning off the kind of crackerjack floor-dedicated hybrid only he knows.

FMJ‘ makes for a more moody bass-driven coagulation of stretchy pad-work and decayed drum patterns, dipping its toes much deeper in murky waters than the more light-hearted opener. Yet another marimba ride to bind drubbing snares and wild hats together, and the effect is immediate: the track finally finds its cruising speed and enough development to deploy convincingly, bridging the gap between the floating atmosphere of Missing Watch and the killer instinct of ‘Turn On The Night.

The title track eventually hammers it home badman style. Immersing his steely mechanics and shuffling hats in zero-gravity synthy blueness, 45 ACP unleashes an overwhelming shoal of aqueous bass spurts and tempered beat-outs, recursively breaking and backrushing in a truly mesmerising and almost mystic aura. Covering your mind in one hazy veil of memories whilst flooding the floor with its pan-tone blinding glare, Turn On The Night is an absolute hell of a doozy. D.K.’s year hands down.

Turn On The Night is out now, order a vinyl copy from Clone.


A1. Missing Watch
A2. Fjm
B. Turn On The Night


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