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Randomer: Puzzle With Precision

Following his release on Dekmantel’s UFO division and ahead of his appearance at Field Maneuvers, Randomer talks up his unique perspective – “I make music randomly without any pre-planning or sound in mind and within a few months I inadvertently find ways to pair them up – sort of like pieces to a puzzle”

45 ACP: Turn On The Night

45 ACP offers an audio wilderness full of nostalgia-charged bells and retro synth streamers, smooth sliding in between loose house motifs and a more organic techno lifeblood.

D.K. | 45 ACP

L.I.E.S. affiliate D.K. aka 45 ACP serves up a chill and suave mix full of exotica-laced, ’80s-inflected grooves, Afro beat percussions and smooth synth melodies.

Steve Summers

Steve Summers aka Jason Letkiewicz discusses his involvement with L.I.E.S. and his own imprint ‘Confused House’. He also talks about working with the likes of Terekke and Bookworms for their super-group Escape Force.

Domenico Crisci

Following EP’s on L.I.E.S and Russian Torrent Versions, Italian experimental techno producer Domenico Crisci delivers an hours recording of his live performance at Flussi Festival.