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Rebecca Salvadori – 45 ACP

Sticking to what we love to do, we commissioned London based visual artist Rebecca Salvadori to create this stunning video artwork to promote Inverted Audio’s audiovisual rave on 5th February 2016 with Paris based producer and L.I.E.S. Records affiliate 45 ACP.

Rebecca Salvadori is no stranger to the realms of electronic music and visual art. Last year she produced alongside visual artist Sofia Mattioli a silent moving image film named ‘Continuum‘, enlisting Jamie xx, Four Tet, Koreless and Spanish experimentalist John Talabot to each write an original score inspired by each contiguous two-minute visual excursion.

Most of Rebecca’s videos take the form of visual compositions based on chance discoveries. Through slowed down production processes, they attempt to break free from the mechanic approach often associated with contemporary digitally-made audiovisuals.

Over the years, Salvadori has created a large video archive celebrating reality using the construction of oblique narratives as a way to build a portrait of a person or an environment. After the realisation of a self imposed commitment to an economy of sensory information and a strong desire of silence, in 2012 she developed a specific graphical language named euroemptiness.

Euroemptiness was then applied on commissioned music videos, live visuals, promotional trailers as a way of poetically challenging an ongoing conflict between possible environments for her work’s distribution and reception. Salvadori is currently working on a series of documentaries as well as large prints.

Below Rebecca Salvadori explains her film made for Inverted Audio x 45 ACP:

“I used elements taken from my graphical language ‘euroemptiness’ that was born in 2012 as a reaction to image overload and out of a desire of silence.”

“All the elements of the video are born as individual blocks, then assembled together following an idea of arhythmic breathing. I never think of syncronicity between the images and the sounds I am working with, but is more of a dialogue between the two elements that somehow find a way to match each other out of the elaboration of constant variations.”

“I often edit with different soundtracks or with no music at all. The desire is to keep aware of unpredictable matching, imposing rotational movements to static elements and in the same time, always be open to glitches and mistakes that can lead to new compositions.”

Music featured in the video is by 45 ACP ‘Change Of Tone’ [L.I.E.S. Records] – Buy a digital copy of the album from Bandcamp.