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Music Video: Sentry – Station Crucial

Following on from the highly-textured soundscapes of S Olbricht’s ‘Trancess‘ and Lutto Lento’s unorthodox lo-fi melter ‘Dog Leaf‘, both released last year, Slovakian label Proto Sites welcomes mysterious up-and-coming producer Sentry to the stable. His aptly-titled debut 12″ ‘Stranger As A Friend‘ is set for release on January 25th.

Delving deep into dubbed-out techno territories, the mini LP does the splits between hallucinogenic ambient phases and a straight stomping dusty pulse. From the multisensory ballet of chiming bells of ‘Stare At The Word‘ to the hissy, reverb-drowned machinery of ‘Dada Drogy‘, Sentry interweaves some hypnotic motifs and atmospheres.

The video for ‘Station Crucial‘, directed by movement artist Masumi Saito and director Guy Wigmore, brushes a succession of 4-bar phrase haikus, jump-cutting images of Masumi dancing amidst red autumn leaves and asphalt-coated sceneries by turns. Sophisticated and playful, Saito and Wigmore’s architecturally splendid rendition of Sentry’s murky grinder is a breath of fresh air in the monolithic imagery that’s too often attached to an unadventurous techno scene.

Stranger As A Friend is released via Proto Sites on January 25th, order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp


A1 Stare At The Word
A2 Station Crucial
A3 Surrender
B1 Gargoyles Laser
B2 Dada Drogy
B3 Kingdom
B4 El

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