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Premiere: Pjoni – VVR Asylum

Exploring the fringes of listening ease and audio curves, Pjoni’s ‘Liminal Zones’ dares going in places few want to investigate nowadays. Don’t expect a proper rhythm, no groove, no mellifluous harmony. Stream the arrythmic ‘VVR Asylum’ in full within.

Lutto Lento

Warsaw-based producer Lutto Lento serves up a multidirectional mashup of tribal techno, tape-saturated house, free jazz digressions and weird vocal sampling. He also discusses future releases, studio setup and unsung heroes.

Sentry: Stranger As A Friend

Experiencing an accelerated development since their last couple of outings that confirmed the hopes placed on it with poise and presence, the label keeps the ball rolling with a new effort coming courtesy of the mysterious Sentry.