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Premiere: Szlazak – Suspension

Rich and incredibly dense, the sonic multiverse showcased by Bratislava-based imprint Proto Sites has only grown and prospered over the years. Away from metropolitan circles yet close to the core of a quiet artistic upheaval fomented in the eastern regions of Europe, between the shapely meanders of the Danube and the timeless charm of Prague and Warsaw.

Following up to iterations by Polish genius Lutto Lento, Hungarian ambientist S Olbricht and the enigmatic Sentry, the slovakian label returns with a fresh new slab from an unheard talent going by the name of Szlazak. As usual with Proto Sites, the focus is on transmorphing electronics and mercurial soundscaping, sweeping a broad melodic spectrum that ranges from downtempo electronica through ambient onto broken, off-kilter techno workings.

A shape-shifting dubby churner, ‘Suspension‘ reels a skein of elliptic synth ostinatos in and out, interlarding a back-pedalling swing with loud kicks and creeping reverbs sure to get you bogged down in a swamp of finely textured FXs. Unsteady and slightly disquieting, based upon a strong analogue touch whilst opening onto a fascinating microcosm of subtle organic noises and tenuous acidic apostrophes.

Suspension EP is released via Proto Sites on 26th May, only 40 tapes made so be quick. Pre-order a copy from Juno


A1. Cessation
A2. Abeyance
A3. Deferment
B1. Suspension
B2. Conclusion

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