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Premiere: Staffan Linzatti – Early Days

Space is a popular motif in electronic music. Last year was a particularly vintage year with superb efforts from Brain Machine, Convextion and Planetary Assault Systems. Continuing with theme is Staffan Linzatti, who follows up 2015’s ‘Who Knows Where To Go’ on Dutch label Field Records with his debut album ‘The Dynamic Dispatch’.

In terms of mood, it errs towards the loop driven techno interpretation of the cosmos – machine driven and clinically precise. Although while the rhythm has its feet firmly in the Detroit vision of the future, the melodic aspects err more towards the golden era of sci-fi, capturing the wonder and sense of expedition.

Sharing exclusively with Inverted Audio, ‘Early Days‘ is one of the first stops on the journey into the ink. The sound of computers processing and the background hum of a warp drive sit against space strings charting the unknown.

Staffan Linzatti’s ‘The Dynamic Dispatch’ will be available on Field Records on 6th June 2017 across 3 x 12″ and digital formats. Order a copy from Juno.


A1. Beyond Our Control
A2. Early Days
A3. Drone Control
B1. Energy Absorbing Energy
B2. By Any Means
B3. Below The Ice
C1. Intelligence, Rival
C2. Lost Contact (Malfunction)
C3. Holding The Key
D1. The Smallest Voice
D2. Expansion Of Free Thought
D3. The Life Of Life
D4. The Long Way Home
E1. All It Takes Is A Spark
E2. Engineering (The Impossible)
E3. Take The Step
F1. Normality
F2. The Grand View
F3. Invading Mind Space
F4. A New Beginning

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