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On The Road: French label Renascence share their essential summer grooves

Still a couple weeks to go till the end of the summer but thankfully the sunny days are still upon us and if we’re fortunate enough, a warm Indian summer could well help us draw out the pleasure. Inspired by their sunny season’s trips and tours, our good buddies at Renascence have collated for the occasion a special ten-track mixtape specially made for your summer drive enjoyment.

Expect a healthy dose of breezy house, tropical vibism, crunchy chunks of Floridian P-Funk and neo-symphonic electronics but also cosmo-telluric jungle from OZ and psychedelic-breakbeat from the suburbs of Düsseldorf, as well as a slice of in-house goodness courtesy of Pépe, whose recent interview with IA should be of interest to you. Start the engine, adjust the mirror and press play.


1. Garrett – Angel Reflections [Music From Memory]
2. Florist – Marine Drive [All Caps]
3. Beautiful Swimmers – Swimmers Groove [Future Times]
4. Psychic Mirrors – Midnight Special [Peoples Potential Unlimited]
5. Oneohtrix Point Never – Boring Angel [Warp]
6. Hugo Gerani – Esplore Liek Music [Good Company Records]
7. Pépe – Motorforce [Renascence]
8. Hi Mount & CK – I Know (First Mix) [Regelbau]
9. Dan White – Precognitive Dreams [Cry Baby Records]
10. Alphonse – Glint AM (DJ Normal 4 VibemixxX) [[Emotional] Especial]