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Simon Baker discusses his new imprint BKR Projekt

We caught up with London based producer Simon Baker to discuss his new venture ‘BKR Projekt‘, a brand new label showcasing Simon’s return to a more stripped back grooving techno sound.

"I want to be in control of what I release and when. 
I have a new vision and this is part of that."

Congratulations on setting up your new record label. Can you tell us what provoked you to start up BKR Projekt? 

Thanks very much! Yes, I have released on so many labels over my years in the industry, I thought it was about time I channelled my energies into my own. I want to be in control of what I release and when. I have a new vision and this is part of that.

How long have you been working on setting up the imprint? 

Not so long actually, 3 months or so. Although I have been thinking about it for some time (2 years). It took me time to start making new sounds in the studio and to give me the nudge that was needed. I thought it was the perfect time. New start!

"I want other artists on board too and build 
a nice little crew of talent."

Will you be solely releasing your own music though the label? 

Initially just me yes. Probably for the first 4 or 5 EPs. But further down the line I want other artists on board too and build a nice little crew of talent.

Do you have a strict policy in terms of releasing music through the label? 

I will still work with some select labels, but I am concentrating on this for the near future. Before this I had already agreed some music with Steve Bug’s Dessous and also a remix on Moonharbour, which will still come out this year under Simon Baker.

What’s your release schedule looking like so far?  

I have the first 3 EPs done and dusted. BKR001 is already out now on vinyl and on digital Monday August 3rd, BKR002 will be vinyl Sept 7th and digital Oct 5th.

"I'm on this new quest to make a more stripped-back
 techno sound and loving it"

Tell us about your recently released ‘Ebony EP’ – when and where did you write them? How long did you spend working on the tracks? 

I write them in my studio, which is now in my spare room at home. I write the music pretty quick and use mainly outboard gear to get the ideas up and running. I get the initial ideas down or a track in a day. It’s the tweaking that takes the time. I wrote the first EP in about a week all in all including getting the levels right and everything.

What do they make you feel, or think of when listening back to the tracks? 

They make me think I am in a new place. An inspirational place. A place I am excited about. I was fiddling around with lots of different sounds for ages and getting a bit lost with it all for a while, but now I’m on this new quest to make a more stripped back techno sound and loving it. I look forward every day to getting in the studio.

Will this affect your relationship and output with other labels you have released on? 

Yes probably. I am cutting back releasing with so many labels across the board to concentrate on this. As mentioned above I will still work with one or two select labels I like and that suit this new stuff.

Finally do you have anything else you’d like to tell us about your label? 

A designer mate of mine did the artwork for the label, as you will see it’s a dancing Yorkshire Terrier. He seems to think it suits me and my music perfectly. Guess I am a bit cheeky and from Yorkshire so fair enough I suppose! Although I don’t dance like that! ;) Anyway thanks for the questions, have a listen to the first release and expect more of the same with 002 and 003.

Simon Baker – Ebony EP

BKR Projekt

20th July 2015




1. Ebony
2. Flirt
3. Buff


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