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Field Records ready dark ambient album from IORI

With the conclusion of their EP trilogy complete, Dutch imprint Field Records have moved back into the long player arena with a release from Japanese born but Berlin-based IORI. Usually known for his dubby techno and Basic Channel inspired works, the label requested an ambient excursion.

The result of this was ‘Cold Radiance‘ which is, in the artist’s own words, “an Aerial SciFi movie soundtrack.” From the off, it is imbued with the inhospitable coldness of space, as aptly demonstrated by the track ‘Passage’, but does expand beyond paranoid and foreboding tones to explore realms of wonder.

Releasing on 25th April, it is another string to an already fully strung bow that denotes the strength the label has grown to over the past twelve months.


A1. Transmission
A2. Distant Planet
B1. Ascending
B2. Passage
C1. The Fountains
C2. A Fall Of Moondust
D1. Voices Of The Sky
D2. Purple

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