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First Listen: Solid Steel Radio – James Heather

Known to Ninja Tune collaborators as the label’s head of communications, James Heather is also a man of artistic expression himself. The well-kept secret of his creative endeavours was recently uncovered with the announcement of his debut record on Coldcut’s recently revived sub-label, Ahead Of Our Time, scheduled to hit the streets tomorrow.

On the occasion of the release of ‘Modulations: EP 1‘ – a record all geared towards the inner spheres, giving full vent to the brittle charm and poignant dynamism of his piano compositions, James recorded a very special mix for Ninja Tune’s seminal Solid Steel series, covering a wide sweep of his influences and current favourites.

This mix was put together to show some influences beyond my debut solo piano EP “Modulations: EP1”. The tracks, to my ears, have a “modern classical” feel to it, taking sound somewhere new. I have put a few piano interludes of mine in, with more effects than usual. Look out for lovely new music from Sufjan Stevens too. Enjoy!

Buy a digital copy of Modulations: EP 1 via Ahead Of Our Time.

* Photo by Fabrice Bourgelle

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