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Flesh Prison inaugurate record label with Charlemagne Palestine

Flesh Prison Records open the floodgates to their release schedule with a three-part drop of music including a broad compilation of music, an early composition from Charlemagne Palestine, plus a live recording by Trans Montreal EBM duo HRT.

An ‘artist-owned label and imprint’, Flesh Prison operate out of Montreal with the artist at the center, allowing them to retain their rights of ownership to the music and earn an equal share of proceeds from the releases.

Launching with a trilogy of releases, Flesh Prison’s opening statement includes two 90-minute recordings of ‘proto-drone’ time-warping magic from Charlemagne Palestine, recorded in January 1973, blending handmade synthesizers and field recordings together to create an unreal wall of sound that retains emotional fragility.

Alongside the two dreamworld compositions from Charlemagne, a 12-track compilation featuring music from Silent Servant, Black Leather Jesus, and Thee Majesty featuring Throbbing Gristle’s Genesis Breyer P-Orridge will also be released, bringing a touch of rugged darkness to the catalogue, which is compounded by the scathing live performance from HRT.

All releases land simultaneously on the 15th of March, with the bulk of releases landing through the label’s Bandcamp. Charlemagne Palestine’s 2×90-minute Cassette pack of ‘Continuous Sound Environment’ and ‘Malocrative Moon Pistolonets’ will be available on Post-Punk due to the length of the audio exceeding Bandcamp upload lengths.

‘Continuous Sound Environment/Malocrative Moon Pistolonets’, ‘The Wild World Itself Is Holy’, and ‘LIVE:DREG’ are scheduled for release 15 March via Flesh Prison Records. Order a copy from the label’s store


1. Continuous Sound Environment Side A
2. Continuous Sound Environment Side B
3. Malocrative Moon Pistolonets Side A
4. Malocrative Moon Pistolonets Side B