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Flora Yin-Wong explores folklore, isolation and acoustic ecology on ‘The Sacrifice’

Following the release of her debut album in 2020 via Modern Love, today experimental producer Flora Yin-Wong announces the release of her next exploratory LP through Manchester’s First Light Records.

Consisting of four tracks, ‘The Sacrifice‘ explores twisted field recordings, dense drone, rich waves of synth, other-worldly noise and spectral vocals, courtesy of Rachel Lyn.

The album is the result of a new initiative orchestrated by First Light Records named ‘Unbuilt Sound’ in which “pioneering electronic artists across the world will immerse themselves in remote rural locations and produce new sound works inspired by their experiences.”

For the inaugural edition, Flora Yin-Wong relocated to the ancient valleys of North Wales, residing in an isolated cabin near Machynlleth, where she went about collecting field recordings, providing the basis for her folklore-inspired album.

In Flora’s own words: “Taking its name from a modern adaption of The Mabinogion, the earliest collection of mythic Welsh stories, The Sacrifice is an isolated reflection on the earthen landscape of weaving valleys and still lakes. Inspired by the mytho-historical figures who appear – architects of destinies and synthetic beings who make shamanic journeys of redemption.”

‘The Sacrifice’ is scheduled for release 16 November via First Light Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Hanging A Thief
2. Unhappy Disclosures
3. Willow Bends (ft. Rachel Lyn)
4. The Sacrifice (ft. Adam Sherry)