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Ostgut Ton unveil 16 Year Anniversary box set ‘Fünfzehn + 1’

Following a year of relative silence, Ostgut Ton announce the release of ‘Fünfzehn + 1‘, a vast 16 Year Anniversary compilation exploring “the interwoven nature of the label and the club in its multitude of different spaces and musical facets.”

Spanning 20 tracks and presented as a 5×12″ vinyl box set, ‘Fünfzehn + 1‘ features both label affiliates and long-time friends of Berghain working together in order to create music dedicated to the five different floors of the club, each represented by a specific 12-inch (pictured above).

Collaborations include Panorama Bar linchpins Avalon Emerson x Roi Perez, Berghain stalwarts Ben Klock x Etapp Kyle, Halle’s experimental sound explorers Oren Ambarchi x Konrad Sprenger x Phillip Sollmann, Garten’s hand in the air regisseurs Ryan Elliott x André Galluzzi and Lab.Oratory’s shapeshifting duo nd_baumecker x Nick Höppner.

The result is said to be “a diverse selection of sometimes functional, other times more abstract sonic tributes; musical homages to spaces they have both influenced and been influenced by.”

‘Fünfzehn + 1’ is scheduled for release in digital 5 November and 5×12″ box set 3 December. Order a copy from Ostgut Ton.


1. MMM – Rimba7
2. Avalon Emerson x Roi Perez – Champu Princess
3. Tama Sumo x Lakuti – An Ode To Audre
4. Substance x Soundstream – Session 2
5. Len Faki feat. Honey Dijon – Temple Of Love
6. JASSS x Silent Servant – Años Perros
7. Barker x Luke Slater – 9/8 Gumbo
8. Ben Klock x Etapp Kyle – A Friend Of A Friend
9. Marcel Dettmann x Norman Nodge – The Call
10. Pom Pom – Untitled 15+1
11. Oren Ambarchi x Konrad Sprenger x Phillip Sollmann – Ever Given
12. Martyn x Duval Timothy – Reset Walking
13. Jessica Ekomane x Zoë Mc Pherson – Iteration
14. Atom™ x Tobias. – One Final Thing (Not Zero)
15. Answer Code Request x Gerd Janson – B-Section
16. Ryan Elliott x André Galluzzi – Fontane
17. Paramida x Massimiliano Pagliara – Ride Out The Wave
18. nd_baumecker x Nick Höppner – Labskaus
19. Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale – Cigarette Glow
20. Comets – Remember The Future

Fuenfzehn Plus 1 Front 1080x1080px