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Florian Kupfer releases two digital only singles ‘You Reap What U Sow’ and ‘Reacti0n1’

It’s been over a year since we last heard new material from Berlin-based producer Florian Kupfer. In 2017 he released the excellent ‘Post Present‘ EP on Private Persons and ‘Contact‘ EP on L.I.E.S.

It appears that a year off has enabled him time to hone in and develop his sound, resulting in four new tracks that extend his abrasive club weapons that we have come to love, as well as a more pensive and experimental side demonstrated in ‘Antenna‘ and ‘You Reap What U Sow‘.

Reacti0n1‘ is a sped-up dub techno banger, seemingly inspired by the flip side of Maurizio’s iconic ‘M6‘. Next up is the shuffling drum motif of ‘Self Reflecting‘, pounding intensely alongside a whimsical melody, similar to “This Society“.

Both ‘Reacti0n‘ and ‘You Reap What U Sow‘ are available now in digital only formats via Bandcamp.


1. Reation1
2. Self Reflecting

1. Antenna
2. You Reap What U Sow

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