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Francis Harris reveals fourth album on Scissor & Thread

New York-based producer and label owner Francis Harris has announced his fourth studio album, scheduled for release in February through his Scissor & Thread imprint.

Following in the footsteps of three exquisitely produced albums ranging from deep house to downtempo via ambient electronics, ‘Thresholds‘ is an album “that aspires to sonic universality and the presentation of a fully formed psycho-acoustical world.”

It is also worth commenting that ‘Thresholds‘ was produced amidst the global pandemic, at a time when Harris was juggling ecological and political upheavals in New York and trying his best to keep his audiophile restaurant and community space Public Records afloat. The stress of that alone must have had a profound impact on his mindset and forged an everlasting impression on the music contained within the album.

Spread over 12 tracks, ‘Thresholds’ is a deeply reflective body of ambient, downtempo and electro-acoustic music that “widens the aperture of the affective possibilities of the electronic assemblage” and results in a pensive and an astute listening experience.

Guest collaborators include vocalist Eliana Glass, instrumentation by Dave Harrington, Mark Nelson (Pan American), Will Shore, Greg Paulus and Gareth Quinn Redmond, and was mixed by Phil Weinrobe.

For a deeper dive into the mindset of the producer, revisit our 2014 film ‘Francis Harris on Minutes Of Sleep‘  filmed at the Barbican London by Jaroslav Moravec and produced by Inverted Audio.

‘Thresholds’ is scheduled for release 25 February via Scissor & Thread. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Useless Machines
A2. And Everything Is One Thing After Another
A3. Rebstock Fold
B1. Earth Moves
B2. Thresholds
B3. Luck Takes A Step
C1. I Can Still See Us
C2. Speculative Nature Of Purposive Form
C3. Cut Up
D1. New Pastoral
D2. On That Occasion, Landeau
D3. Every Degree Of Distance