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Listen back to Inverted Audio x Radio Punctum with YUKU

For the December edition of the Inverted Audio residency on Radio Punctum in Prague, YUKU, a record store and label based in the Czech capital, joined our host Freddie Hudson to share music from the rising imprint.

A label with a unique model of operating that centres its audience and seeks to provide them with an increasingly broad range of music and arts, YUKU’s record store in Žižkov, Prague, first opened its doors in October 2020, just prior to the second full lockdown in the Czech Republic.

Over the course of the show we discuss the evolution of the label from its rocky beginnings in lockdown to today, illustrating their journey with recently released music, and more than a few exclusive early plays from forthcoming label material.

Inverted Audio Radio returns to Radio Punctum on 14 December at 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT.


1. FFT – Disturb Roque 2 [Numbers]
2. Chewlie – Der Berge, Sie Schweigen [Forthcoming YUKU]
3. Subp Yao – Closed [YUKU]
4. TRAKA – Yosai [YUKU]
5. Ikawa – Never [Forthcoming YUKU]
6. Tenebre – Frost [Forthcoming YUKU]
7. Simo Cell – Short Leg [TEMET]
8. Otik – Lightyear Dub [3024]