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Fuck Reality announce debut album from Frantzvaag

Smallville Records offshoot Fuck Reality line up their first ever album release in April, courtesy of Oslo-based producer and Baklengs record store owner Frantzvaag.

Being based in Norway, not Hamburg, it took continuous persistence before Mats Frantzvaag finally received a reply to his demos submissions from label founder Julius Steinhoff.

“On a whim I listened to it and immediately got the Move D dancefloor feeling. We got talking via email and I fished out all the old demos that were still dormant in my inbox. We Skyped and got to know each other and I was then really excited about the feeling of giving a young artist from a different part of the world the opportunity to be heard.”

That whim resulted in Frantzvaag releasing two EP’s on Fuck Reality in 2016 and 2018. Four years later, he now steps up to deliver his debut album ‘Solo Super‘ – presented as a double LP with cover art and 60 x 60 cm poster from long-standing artist Stefan Marx.

Without giving too much away, ‘Solo Super‘ contains just what you’d expect from this genre-defining deep house outlet – “euphoric house, breaky feels, trancy pops and twinkling outta-this-world-moments.”

‘Solo Super’ is scheduled for release 14 April via Fuck Reality. Order a copy from Juno.


A1. Become
A2. Anyone Everybody
B1. After
B2. Solo Super
C1. Dose
C2. Going Away
D1. Come Later
D2. 2001
D3. Blommenholm