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Galcher Lustwerk releases final Road Hog album

Today Galcher Lustwerk quietly slipped out his last ever Road Hog album via Bandcamp. “Spares” marks his fifth release under his Road Hog alias, an outlet for propulsive jams that the American producer describes as intended “for the open road”.

In a note accompanying the release, the producer describes it as “the final Road Hog album”, writing “THANKS FOR RIDING W/ ME”. The eight-track digital release continues the style of his previous output as Road Hog, which pairs driving 808’s with woozy synths and touches of ambience, notably lacking the husky hip-hop vocals that characterise his productions as Galcher Lustwerk.

Spares” follows the release of “Dark Bliss“, his debut long-player under the Galcher Lustwerk alias, released just four months ago on White Material.

“Spares” is out now. Grab a digital copy via Bandcamp. Catch Galcher Lustwerk play at the Inverted Audio curated stage “Campfire Headphase” this summer at Farr Festival 2018


1. AC
2. Somewhere Around Here
3. Trebisky
4. Charger
5. Tail
6. Store
7. Fear Of Death
8. Pick Me Up

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